Create delightful experiences using customer data



In hospitality, customer experience and service is just as critical as the food. Within our digital world of personalisation, ease and speed - our expectations have changed.

As customers, we want you to remember us. In exchange for our loyalty, we want you to make us feel special and valued for our continued custom.

At first contact, you'll exceed expectations. However, as a customer visits time after time, expectations increase. For example - on their third or fourth visit, they're fed up with the host explaining the menu.

When expectations aren't met, customers reduce propensity to repeat behaviour. The loss of business is subtle. Next time they look to eat out, they'll simply choose to try a new place and you won't see them again.

Understand your customers and your relationship with them. Use Aura to turn customers into lifelong advocates, increase visit frequency and customer satisfaction.

Don't fall behind the expectations of your customers.




Give customers the recognition they deserve. Greet them by name and acknowledge their loyalty.


Surprise and delight with unexpected service or rewards. Understand behaviour, and treat the ones that are most valuable to you.


Flexible loyalty or membership programmes to fit your hospitality group. Standalone or coalition. Points based or not. You choose.

Join us in lifting the bar on hospitality customer experiences.