A platform for creating lifelong customers.


Traditionally, customer loyalty is measured solely based on transaction value. Customers receive points or a discount based on their spend.

But in the real world, loyalty isn’t measured by spend alone. What about your customers that are massive advocates but average spenders? How about customers that have been with you forever?

Loyalty by definition based on behaviour, not just the value of transactions. We measure loyalty by understanding a customer’s total behaviour.

Aura captures data from any number of sources and then uses that to help you deliver the best action. For example, a customer who posts positive images on Instagram might get highlighted to staff. Now you can surprise them with a complimentary gift when they next visit the store.




Points-based earn and redeem programmes.


Reward based on behaviour such as store visits or social activity.


Multiple members can contribute to a single account, like a corporate or family account.


Mobile app either by integrating our SDK or customisable white-labeled app.


Web dashboard for advanced reporting and insights.


Measurable impact on behaviour via feedback loop.


Reward in new ways, not just discounts and rebates.


Modern RESTful API for simple integrations.

Let us show you the difference.