Customer loyalty is about making everyone feel good, and we want to extend that to our customers as well. It shouldn't hurt you financially every time you have a new sign-up to your loyalty program, it should make you happy!

So we've designed our pricing to make it easy to bring more people into the tent, and to reward you for doing it. 

Aura pricing is simple:

$10 NZD for every one hundred (100) active members. A 5% discount off your total bill for every ten thousand (10,000) active members, which stacks up to a 50% discount.

No set fees, no monthly minimums. Just pay based on active users, and pay less as you grow. 


Company A - 100 members

$10 NZD per month

Company B - 1,000 members

$100 NZD per month

Company C - 10,000 members -> 5% discount

$950 NZD per month

Company D - 50,000 members -> 25% discount

$3,750 NZD per month

Company E - 100,000 members -> 50% discount

$5,000 NZD per month

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