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What is a POS Loyalty Program

A POS (Point of Sale) loyalty program is a system integrated into your point of sale, designed to reward customers for their purchases.

With Aura, your business can implement a seamless loyalty program that manages rewards, tracks customer transactions, and provides valuable insights into customer behaviour.

Advantages of
a Loyalty Program

Improve customer satisfaction
Increase average order value
Boost retention and lifetime value
Create brand ambassadors
Increase brand engagement
Personalise cutomer experience
A man using the Aura app

Why do you need a Loyalty Program?

Loyalty encourages repeat visits and higher spending, ultimately driving revenue and building long-term customer relationships.

Aura Loyalty also helps gather valuable customer data, to help personalize marketing efforts for your business.

The Next-Generation Loyalty System

Our platform seamlessly integrates with leading POS systems, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. With Aura, businesses can create a white-labelled loyalty program that reflects your brand identity, offering customers a seamless experience across all venues.

Why Aura

Start creating more lifelong customers.

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