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Loyalty Points

Rewards points are the currency on which the Aura system is based. Points are redeemable at POS, just like cash.


Loyal customers can earn points through transactions and promotions.


Customers then spend their loyalty points at POS or via integrators.

A man using the Aura app

You are in total control

The Aura dashboard is clean, simple to use and updates are applied in real time. Aura becomes the source of truth for all your systems.

Whether you want to change your membership tiers, define the value of your points or manage your members, you can do it all via the Aura control panel.

Some examples:
  • Define your promotions
  • Manage your membership tiers
  • Set your earn and redeem rates
A man using the Aura app

Customised promotions

When it comes to customer retention, loyalty rewards are a key motivator to keep your customers returning.

Utlising the customer information within Aura and product data that is harnessed from your POS, you can create tailored rewards to segmented audiences that are venue, product and time specific.

Some examples:
  • 50 bonus points for visiting on a weekday
  • 2x points for drinks on Wednesday afternoons
  • Refer a friend and you both get 20 extra points

POS Software Integration

Aura Loyalty is integrated with leading POS systems to earn and redeem points in real time, aggregate sales data and create accurate reports on spend. This is the key to delivering a seamless user experience across all of your channels.

Customer Data

Real time member information delivered to the POS.

Live Transactions

All points are earned and redeemed instantly.

Membership Status

Control offerings and discounts based on membership types.

Membership Cards

Easy customer lookups at the POS via barcodes or QR codes.

Connecting with the tools you already use

These are just some of the partners we work with. Custom integration available on request.

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